12 weeks old

Sixteen pounds of energy and puppy teeth. Wow. I don’t know how people breed litters…I’m worn out with just one puppy. Not to mention the sore back from bending over all the time. I don’t think I could ever own a toy breed, because at 5’8″, that is a lot of bending!

As Kazee starts to get a little older, it is natural to compare him to my other Springer. Last weekend, I went back and watched some of Gunner’s puppy clips from when he was 12 weeks old. I was amazed at how much he was doing, including puppy retrieves, baby stays, and baby scent work. But, I also noticed he was paid for everything with a cookie. Is it any wonder why I have a cookie issue with him now? No, not really. Now, granted, Gunner LOVED to eat and I still use a lot of cookies with puppies and young dogs to shape foundation behaviors. But, I didn’t see any clips of me really playing with him. We played, but I was surprised to see that nothing made it onto the clips that I saved.

Kazee, on the other hand, loves his tugs. He is starting to learn that our arms and legs do not substitute for tug toys, but it is hard to remember ALL of the time. 🙂 He is still working for almost every meal, when it is something I can use easily (ground raw vs. chicken necks). He draws blood when heeling for his ground puppy mix, so much that I’ve started wrapping my fingers that take the worst of it. I’ll be glad to see those needle teeth finally fall out!

Today, I took some impromptu video of our session at the dog club. It seems a little ‘far away’, as I only had my phone, so hopefully you can seen how nicely he is coming along. I improvised for my recalls, using a harness and a long line, which was looped through an eye bolt in one of the beams…it worked perfectly. I wasn’t sure how much he’d be up for working after his vet check this morning, but as you can tell, he was ready to work!

Until next time….Train hard. Play harder.


3 thoughts on “12 weeks old

  1. Kathy Lowery

    Love the idea of using a long long lead and pulling it through allowing him to come when called.
    He will be so much fun to train! Wished Scarlett was a talker like my last Springer was. Enjoy!


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